Libra energy is giving and full of love, wearing rose quartz brings balance to their giving nature allowing the space for their own self care.


Taurus energy feels like home, it’s safe and grounding. Wearing rose quartz is a beautiful reminder to Taurus of the love that shines from their heart.


Aquarius energy creates and expands our daily world. With so much insight and expansion in their natural energy labradorite brings balance to see their visions through.


Leo energy is the cheerleader in our corner. The “go for it” vibration is a gift Leo gives to all but needs balance for longevity. Labradorite gently brings that balance in.


Aries energy is expressive by nature, a leader at heart. With Aries bright fire energy wearing blue Lace Agate creates a positive vibration for Aries to express themselves.


Sagittarius energy is the explorer of the zodiac. Always curious and always seeking to evolve. Wearing Blue Lace Agate for Sagittarius creates structure in their unique self expression.


Virgo energy is insightful and deep as they are always observing and taking in the full picture. This insight can be wonderful to guide their own journey and help others, wearing Blue Lace Agate gives them the courage to express all they know and feel confident doing so.


Cancer energy feels all, the true empaths of the zodiac. With such a strong connection to all energy of the universe wearing black onyx protects their sacred space allowing them to be the best version of themselves without the worry of feeling energetically drained.


Scorpio energy is strong on the outside but has a tender heart. Black onyx protects their aura allowing them to let their guard down and let others in.


Capricorn energy is intense and focused. Rarely taking the time for self care wearing black onyx is a wonderful way for Capricorn to replenish their energy without slowing down.


Pisces energy flows through life taking in all its surroundings, in a world as busy as ours wearing howlite keeps Pisces fluid nature feeling peaceful and calm.


Gemini energy is connected and intelligent. They love to problem solve and are not afraid to face challenges that intimidate others. Wearing Howlite keeps their nervous system balanced while doing all they love to do.