this season we are getting REAL
We’re celebrating the timelessness and versatility of our pieces by featuring seven real customers in our seasonal photoshoot. Each woman had the opportunity to share their stories, pick their pieces, and effortlessly style the jewelry that best represents who they are. We hope their personal style leaves you feeling as inspired as we did.
job: Creative director/owner of gorjana
personal Style: Feminine and bohemian
lives: Laguna Beach, CA
loves: I love finding inspiration for new collections and pieces when I am traveling with my loved ones. My children’s unequivocal curiosity motivates me to continuously explore new cultures, unfamiliar places, and embrace beauty in nature’s most unassuming of objects. There is nothing I love more than experiencing the world with my family.
layers: I love layering classic pieces like the Laguna Adjustable Necklace with newer season pieces like the Mini Cayne Charm Adjustable Necklace, or the Laguna Gem Hoop.
what inspired you to create a jewelry brand?
Jewelry has always been a way for me to express myself but I found that quality jewelry at an affordable price was hard to come by. I saw an opportunity to offer women beautifully designed, quality jewelry that was both accessible and versatile enough to be part of their everyday. I committed myself to creating pieces that are timeless and empower women to express themselves, regardless of what stage of life they are in. I want to encourage women to celebrate their unique sense of style and help build confidence through self-expression. Watching first hand, real women select jewelry that resonated with them and style it in a personal way was beyond inspiring. It reminded me why I first set out to create this brand.
job: Real estate agent
personal Style: Classic
lives: Los Angeles, CA
loves: I love places, spaces, and activities that feed my mental, physical, and spiritual health. I have found so much joy in traveling, yoga, and philanthropy — as each passion has brought about life changing appreciation and self discovery. I love blogging and teaching yoga because I enjoy participating in communities and activities that assist and inspire others to discover their own passions.
layers: My everyday piece is the Chloe Mini Choker, I love layering my Laguna Adjustable Necklace, and style one or multiple Power Gemstone Charm Necklaces with any gorjana stud earring. I cannot live without gold layers, especially with a touch of shimmer, so I love the subtle feminine shine the Colette collection offers.
why do you love the gorjana brand? I work full time, travel often, and have a busy social life, gorjana‘s versatile styles and timeless pieces help define my personal style and can transform my look from day to night, whether I’m at home or around the world
job: President and CEO of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, which is the largest education foundation in California and third largest in the nation supporting public education.
personal Style: Feminine
lives: Irvine, CA
loves: My two babes, hubby, and pup! I feel most refreshed being outdoors, whether I am smelling the ocean air or up in the mountains. I love a night filled with candlelight, music, food, and wine! And I am a sucker for anything vintage. I value genuine and generous people and surround myself with great friends, family, and things that make me feel loved.
layers: Delicate layers are my go to. I love simply styling dainty necklaces at different lengths.
why do you love the gorjana brand? I have a very busy schedule, between home and work I don’t spend much time styling. Gorjana jewelry allows me to look presentable without having to try so hard. I can mix, match or just wear the same pieces at different lengths everyday and always feel confident in them. The pieces my wardrobe can’t live without - the Cayne Crescent Pendant Necklace, Taner Mini Studs, Laguna Adjustable Bracelet, Chloe Charm Adjustable Necklace, and Power Gemstones.
job: Travel blogger
personal Style: Boho classic
lives: New York, NY
loves: I am a lover of words and all things that come in the form, from grocery lists to documenting big and small moments. Traveling is where I feel most alive. Whether I am camping under the stars a few hours from home or jet setting across the world, I am happy. With writing and traveling, photography was a hobby that turned passion. I truly love sharing my traveling experiences through words and photos and only hope I can inspire others to explore places that I have.
layers: Because I am always traveling — I like to pack gorjana’s classic pieces that can be worn multiple ways with different outfits, like the Laguna Adjustable Necklace. I recently fell in love with the Power Gemstone Charm collection, which offers multiple stone options and meanings to choose from. Layering gold necklaces with a pop of color is my favorite way to style an ensemble.
why do you love the gorjana brand? The jewelry’s versatility and ease. When I am wearing gorjana, I feel effortlessly put together...even amidst jet lag or island hopping.
job: Runs a production company
personal Style: Preppy, classic, casual
lives: Los Angeles, CA
loves: I have many passions, but to name a few — cooking, spending the weekends at the beach with my family, and staying civically engaged by helping organizations who serve underrepresented individuals.
layers: I wear at least two gorjana pieces a day. I love stacking my Power Gemstone Bracelets or layering delicate necklaces with my Cayne Crescent Necklace.
why do you love the gorjana brand? This brand is near and dear to my heart. I have been a fan from the beginning, and I have the jewelry to prove it. I still own and wear one of gorjana’s wrap necklaces from TWELVE years ago. Even more spectacularly, Gorjana herself customized a diamond necklace for my wedding and anniversary bands. The designs exceeded my dreams — to this day, I receive compliments. The jewelry is not only gorgeous, accessible, and easy to wear – I love supporting the team behind this brand.
job: Student and lifeguard
personal Style: Boho, casual
lives: Laguna Beach, CA
loves: I like to take advantage of where I live and be outdoors, from swimming in the ocean to playing on a golf course, my activity level is always high. I enjoy spending time and teaching others about the things I love, coaching has become a recent passion.
layers: The Super Star Necklace and Power Gemstone pieces have become a part of my daily uniform because they are comfortable and can keep up with my lifestyle. I love styles I can mix, match, and stack, whether it be ring sets or the Power Gemstone Collection.
why do you love the gorjana brand? I love that gorjana pieces are not only easy to wear, but make amazing gifts as well. It is my go to for birthday and holiday presents because there is truly something for everyone.
job: Social media professional at BCV and blogger
personal Style: Classic, feminine
lives: Seattle, WA
loves: I am very family and friend oriented. I love sharing life and time with my close friends, family, and boyfriend. Exploring local spots or traveling around the world is what makes me happiest. Recently I started blogging to share my experiences with others and turn my hobbies into passions.
layers: I wear a piece of gorjana everyday! I love to accessorize and express myself through jewelry, especially with the Laguna Adjustable Necklace. I love layering from head to hand - starting with a bold earring, like the Taner XL Hoops, adding a number of dainty necklaces, and ending with power gemstone bracelets or rings stacks.
why do you love the gorjana brand? I only wear gold jewelry and I love how many options gorjana offers. I love the way the color of gorjana’s gold compliments my skin tone. The jewelry is not only beautiful, the quality and comfortability won me over.