Gorjana Reidel

From a young age and with the early influences of her grandmothers, Yugoslavian-born Gorjana always had a talent for design. Moving across the globe from Europe to Canada, and eventually to the United States – she developed a worldliness beyond her years that only bolstered her natural creativity. Going on to spend several years modeling for Ford Models, one of the largest talent agencies in country, Gorjana fit seamlessly into the international world of high fashion and knew then that her career would always keep her there.

Jason Griffin Reidel

Born in Syracuse, NY, Joseph Griffin Reidel III has always been a man of many styles and many names. Called “Jason” by his parents, so not to confuse him with the two other Joes in the family, he spent his early years in upstate New York sporting zips and tube socks. Moving from the East coast to California – with stops in Arizona, Chicago, Florida and Oklahoma – he experimented with everything from sports jerseys to surf clothing, and the names “Joseph,” “Reidel,” and “Griffin.” Along the way he picked up a marketing degree, completed law school and spent several years modeling and acting.

Separately two creative and successful individuals, Gorjana and Jason are a truly unstoppable pair. Acquainted during their college years, they began dating after graduation, and knew on their third date they would one day be married. Engaged six months later, their whirlwind romance grew into a marriage now twelve years strong. With two beautiful children and a successful business they started together (literally) on their apartment floor, their story proves that it is possible.