We are all made up of many layers of feelings and emotions. Use layering jewelry to express your true inner self. Whatever mood you’re in, let jewelry be the conduit to channel your vibration. If you put the conscious intent into it, your beautiful energy will flow, LAYER!

Laws of Layering

Since the beginning, one thing that has always remained a constant in our collection is layering. Whether it was layering our first circle necklaces or stacking the original stackable rings, layering has been something that we design specifically for. We’ve become experts in the art of layering.

We've pulled together 5 easy “Laws of Layering” and hope the "LOL" inspire you to try something new and give you the tools to start creating your own layered looks. Remember to have fun and let your creative side blossom!

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Law no. 1 | Choose a Hero
    Start with your most eye-catching piece and layer around it. Everything else should compliment the hero, not detract from it.
    "Zion Collection as a whole has really great “hero” styles. Here I’ve taken the Zion Collar Necklace and made it the focal point of this look."
  • "The Calypso Cuff is a standout piece in an organic hammered gold. This style takes the hero spotlight when paired with simpler styles like this Mave Ring to Wrist Cuff."
  • "For this bracelet stack I used the Uptown Layered Cuff as my “hero” piece and stacked the popular cross over cuff on top and the delicate Chaplin Bracelet below."
  • "To give this feminine and airy dress some edge, I paired it with the Mika Pendant Necklace and a simple Knox Necklace. Classics like the Knox never go out of style."
  • "The Elea Cuff is a new classic in the collection. It is bold, yet delicate at the same time and makes a great subtle "hero" piece."
  • "The Taner Collar Necklace is a style that is both bold and delicate. It’s definitely a standout in this layered look."
Law no. 2 | Dare to Mix
    Don't be afraid to mix metals, textures and mediums in your accessories. Mixing it up takes a look from two-dimensional to truly unique and stand-out!
    "A pave design is a great way to mix silver with gold. The shimmer picks up on the bright whites in silver and brings the whole look together."
  • "Mixing colored stones and different metal colors is always works when trying a mixed look."
  • "I love rose gold and I think it stands out best when paired with other metals. Here I’ve stacked textured rings in all three colors plus a shimmering rose gold ring."
  • "Our jewelry is designed to be layered together. This look is works with just a few pieces because each piece shares a similar organic texture and they play well against each other."
Law no. 3 | Multitask
    Styles that are pre-layered or that can be worn multiple ways are easy to wear and make interesting fashion pieces. They are multitaskers!
    "This look shows a few multitasking pieces. Of course, a ring to wrist cuff is a multitasker, but the Isla Ring Set is also a style that can be worn multiple ways!"
  • "What I love about long wrap necklaces is that they can appear as dainty layered necklaces in one look, or you can wear it long and completely change up the look."
  • "Ring to Wrist bracelets are such fun accessories. You can wear it alone as a delicate statement, or layer back to other bracelets and rings like I've done here."
  • "Body and hand jewelry is so fun to wear. The Azra Ring to Wrist Bracelet is one of my favorites with a little edge. It's definitely a stand out piece on it's own."
  • "The Mika Body Chain is a first for us in the body jewelry category. It's truly a trend for everyone. I wear it under tanks, over jumpers, and even under my swimsuits!"
  • "Pre-layered necklaces are such an easy go-to style for everyday wear. This Pressed Taner Bar Layer Necklace is the perfect example of that."
Law no. 4 | Stack Up or Stack Out
    This law applies to bracelet and ring layering. Choose to make a statement with a large stack or spread the love across both wrists – or multiple fingers.
    "Here is a fun and eclectic look at both stacking up and stacking out. I've stacked up on my wrist and stacked out on my fingers."
  • "This is a version of stacking up that I absolutely love. I've taken the Isla Ring Set and stacked two larger rings on the same finger to create what appears to be one very large ring."
  • "Stacking out works really well with many small and delicate rings. The end result appears effortless. I've added a midi ring to edge it up a bit too."
  • "Stacking a charm bracelet with dainty cuffs and one larger statement piece – It's my go-to stacked up bracelet look."
  • "My bracelets are all the same, just different colors. Then on my fingers I have stacked out with some delicate stacking rings and our best selling Elea and Infinity Shimmer rings."
  • "By choosing to layer multiple bracelets on one wrist, I've decided to keep the other arm simple with a dainty charm bracelet."
Law no. 5 | Pick a Theme
    Pick a theme, any theme – be consistent and thorough with defining a certain vibe to your layered look.
    "This is my take on somewhat of an Aztec theme with the angular shapes and prints mimicking native styles."
  • "Sometimes a theme can be as simple as layering delicates. These three necklaces pair so well together."
  • "Creating a sleek and sophisticated is so easy with the Mave Collection. I think I'm wearing every piece of that group in this look!"
  • "Minimalism is a fun look to layer on too. I always choose a few bolder styles and wear just one statement necklace, and one or two chunky bracelets. Easy as that!"
  • "I picked this theme based off of my dress. I stuck with black and whites and angular styles to keep it consistent."
  • "This look is a fun modern and geometric look. I chose styles with distinct shape like the Mia Tiered Necklace and the Teagan ring and layered on from there."
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