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Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly, positive predictions from astrologer Jenn Sinclair.

Aries Gold Coin Necklace


In the month of love your focus is on friendships and the connections you make out in the world. The intimacy of belonging and connecting to others is likely to be a big theme you are processing and unwinding. The ultimate goal is recognizing and acknowledging your unique contributions to others and what gifts you provide to the people closest to you.

Taurus gold coin necklace


The passion this month is centered around a more public and outward space. It’s not a time to hide your quirks or gifts. Instead celebrate what makes you unique. Share that with people around you especially in a space of work. You are likely to impress others with your exciting visions and ideas which brings a ton of fulfillment and recognition to yourself.

Gemini gold coin necklace


Your experiences wrap around your heart space as you desire moments that inspire and excite you. Bring inspiration into your life so that you can lean into your cravings of expanding. It's entirely possible you will do something you have never done before. Even if it's an experience you’ve done a million times, the mindset and outcome is different right now. Enjoy the ride.

Cancer gold coin necklace


Get deep! Not just with yourself but with others. Conversations or thoughts on the surface won’t satisfy your cravings right now. The explosions and breakthroughs of your mind have depth and create intricate little moments of clarity. Ask questions you have never asked before, and lean into outcomes that excite you in new ways.

Leo gold coin necklace


In the month of love you are wholeheartedly here to connect and share with someone else. Your heart space is interested in the experiences that you have with someone. Not just any experience but the little moments in between the bigger moments. These are the things that are usually forgotten about. These moments will seem interesting to you which broadens your relationships and creates some sparkle with others.

Virgo gold coin necklace


This is a time where you step into your light in a big way. This is celebrating your unique gifts and how you put them into the world. Others may fully appreciate your energy to be healing and loving in the perfect moments. You may be called to help someone with a task or an emotional ride they are on and you can be a huge catalyst for healing or helping someone.

Libra gold coin necklace


Your heart is wide open. Not just for love with others but for your own gifts and what you love to do. You may find your passions just sparkle a little more this month and you are able to give yourself the time to explore what serves you from a place of personal creativity. Celebrate what fills your cup and even allow some new ideas in there to explore in all the ways possible.

Scorpio gold coin necklace


Expressing love can come in many forms. You may be inclined to direct your energy into your family this month. Your expression of love may come through with something super unique or off the wall. Have fun and be creative with the different ways you can show how much others mean to you.

Sagittarius gold coin necklace


Your words have the potential to be powerful yet healing. You are really focused on listening to others and finding connections with them that can be incredibly comforting. Notice how powerful your thoughts can be and how that can manifest into what you do and say. Roll with all the quirky little thoughts and ways that you can express yourself in a unique way.

Capricorn gold coin necklace


If a wild and crazy idea keeps raising its head, it’s worth listening to. You may be able to create something tangible, financial, or just something that brings you joy when you let your ideas run wild. This is a time to play outside the box and smash the idea of what the norm is.

Aquarius gold coin necklace


Imagine you can step outside of yourself and view yourself from a distance. Notice what unique qualities make you, you and then run with them. This is a time where you are here to express yourself in the truest and authentic way. Whatever version of yourself you imagine as you step back, be that, live it, and it’s likely to be much easier to slide into.

Pisces gold coin necklace


This month takes you into a space where your daydreams might be leading the way. You may be inclined to take this as a solo journey. Let yourself get lost in deep ideas and thoughts. Do things that you may have thought strange or outside your norm before. Wander to places that feel new and allow yourself fully and deeply in all experiences.