Monthly Horoscopes

Monthly, positive predictions from astrologer Jenn Sinclair.

Aries Gold Coin Necklace


There is no end to the conversations and information you are taking in. This is a social time which can be very exciting but also very exhausting. Ideas come in and out like a wildfire so listen to the ones that fill you with excitement and let the others pass. You may feel the need to teach something to someone or share your knowledge in some way.

Taurus gold coin necklace


Sharing or speaking about an idea can be the momentum you need to make it happen. Hearing the words come out of your mouth is the first step. New and inspired ideas are happening and you are going to want to keep up. Be proactive with goals and they will become much more accessible now

Gemini gold coin necklace


You become the most interesting person in the room. If you don’t love the attention it can be helpful to try and embrace it this month. Your mind is racing but so is your energy level. Let this be an inspiration to do all the things that you desire. There are times to be restful and there are times for movement. This is the active time where ideas inspire activities and you are soaking it all in.​

Cancer gold coin necklace


It's important to ask yourself how you are handling the harder and deeper seeded shadow areas in your life. If there have been ideas and thoughts that you have ignored, it's time to let them have a voice. Acknowledge what might feel uncomfortable and give it the light and love it deserves.

Leo gold coin necklace


Hope you are ready for some exciting and inspired energy. This is a month you will be buzzing. Socializing, sharing your thoughts, receiving ideas from others and collaborating are all very likely. Focus on connection with others. Stay curious and excited and you are sure to keep the inspiration going all month.

Virgo gold coin necklace


If you are given an opportunity at work to share an idea or take the lead make sure you take it. There is a lot of possibility to collaborate and be acknowledged for a job well done. This might not only show up at work but in a space where you can share with others. Your ideas and inspired energy matter now and even if it feels a little scary make sure and take the chances that come your way.

Libra gold coin necklace


It will be hard to keep you in one place so make sure you let yourself open up to as many things as you can. Keep your mind active with new books, take a class you've always wanted to explore, and plan that vacation or day trip. Your mind is craving more experiences and connections. There are times for stillness and rest but this is not one of them. The inspiration can start with a small idea and grow into something much bigger and more powerful than you ever expected.

Scorpio gold coin necklace


You may be able to offer a healing hand to someone that needs you right now. Your empathy and advice can feel extra special. Be open to listening to what others are experiencing and let your intuitive voice help. This can help you discover deeper parts of yourself at the same time. What you give to others, your voice that you share, and the way you listen is really impactful right now.

Sagittarius gold coin necklace


Conversations that you have with others are extra important now and set the tone moving forward. In relationships, there may be a point where you feel like something has to be said in order to expand or enhance the relationship. Don’t hold back, this could be so healing! Be curious about others, ask questions, and let yourself open it.

Capricorn gold coin necklace


If you’ve lost your motivation or felt like you were slacking in any way this is the ideal time to make some plans in order to give back to yourself. Routines are helpful to keep things in order but it's also possible that your needs have changed and routines need to be adjusted. Shift, make new plans, and get yourself in order as you need at this current time.

Aquarius gold coin necklace


It’s important to make space for the fun stuff right now. Ask yourself what is inspiring you and where it is taking you. There is a calling to create in some sort of way. Tuning into your passion, wild ideas, or just something that gives that thrill. Don’t worry about others and if they want to join you, this can absolutely be a solo mission to find some inspiration.

Pisces gold coin necklace


You may discover something interesting or exciting about someone in your family. This could come up in a conversation or a discovery somehow. Keep an open mind and let this be something that brings you closer to someone or sparks curiosity in the best way. Great conversations with those you share a roof with are more likely this month and ideas and inspirations are super inspired right now.