A collection of timeless 14k designs featuring diamonds, opals, sapphires, emeralds and more.

14k gold necklaces with the words "mama" and "love"  on them.

Words & Alphabets

Diamond Melbourne

Our ode to the classics. This timeless collection features a slim, sturdy silhouette, perfect for stacking with other fine jewelry.

Woman wearing diamond necklaces.
diamond tennis necklaces and bracelets with diamond earrings and rings

Diamond Cluster

A fun take on a classic style. The Diamond Cluster styles feature a cluster of diamonds set in solid gold, making this collection eye-catching and easy to wear.

14k gold diamond necklace and earrings
Woman wearing diamond earrings and necklaces

Classic Diamond

This collection features timeless 14k solid gold chains and bezel set diamonds, offering just the right amount of classic, understated shine to your look.

brilliant diamond necklaces
Woman wearing diamond necklaces, earrings and rings.