Fashion Jewelry Care

Our fashion 18k gold-plated jewelry is protected with an anti-tarnish barrier. In order to maximize the life of your fashion pieces, we suggest following the below care instructions.

Daily Activity

Preserve your jewelry's plating by avoiding contact with water, cleaning agents, beauty products, and anything containing derivatives of alcohol. Remove jewelry prior to exercise, washing your hands or swimming.

Cleaning Your Pieces

Gently clean your jewelry with a soft, dry cotton cloth to renew its shine.

Storing Your Jewelry

We recommend storing your gorjana be·spoke styles with the provided anti-tarnishing strip inside your gorjana jewelry pouch.

gold plated chain and alphabet necklaces

Fine Jewelry Care

Our fine jewelry is made out of 14k and 18k gold, these metals will not oxidize or discolor with proper care.

Daily Activity

We encourage being mindful of your jewelry while exercising. Rings in particular can be subject to bending or lost stones with weights, pulleys or other equipment.

Cleaning Your Pieces

Fine jewelry can be gently washed with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to rinse well. Dry completely with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid chlorine and cleaning agents. While it won’t tarnish, it can minimize its golden shine or damage fragile gemstones.e.

Storing Your Jewelry

Our fine pieces are delicate and must be stored properly to avoid tangles, bends or breaks. We suggest storing your pieces in individual pouches, separate from one another, clasped, laid flat or hung.

solid gold and diamond necklaces

Wear Guide

To learn more about the functionality of our signature closures, watch the videos linked below.